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1. Multi-Stage Deep Drawing of Sheet Metal Parts:

Deep drawing is the process of creating deep intrusions and shapes of raw sheet metals. Multi-stage deep drawing is the ability to combine multiple stages of punches and dies into one machine to automate mass production. Hence, reducing labor cost, minimize human errors, and increase production rate. Ultimately provide customers with quality products at a lower cost in a shorter time. Below is a list of a few O.E.M. and O.D.M. products we currently produce.

Small circular parts:
-Mini motor casings
-Sprinkler nozzle parts
-Copper rollerball pen refill casings
-Mini-amplifier brackets
-Mini-speaker casings
-Circular casings

Small rectangular-multi-structure parts:
-Mini-capacitor casings
-Portable flash drive body and caps
-Crystal oscillator caps
-Prismatic battery casings