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Majestic Seagull Co. Ltd. has been established since 1987 as a quality mold design and manufacturing plant. Over the years, we have used our acquired knowledge and experience in mold designing and manufacturing to expand into three additional professional departments; The Press/Stamping Department, Plastic Injection Department, and Sheet Metal Multi-Stage Deep Drawing Department; to better service our customers’ needs.

Our whole staff members follow the principles of achieving superior quality while maintaining high efficiency, and constantly improving in all aspects to meet customers’ demands. Following these principles with good managerial practices, we were able to obtain the SGS ISO 9002 certification in 1996 and subsequently SGS ISO9001 in 2002 to further guarantee our qualifications. We strive to provide consumers with the greatest customer service and the finest products in the most economical way, creating a win-win situation to ensure a long and successful business relationship.

Majestic Seagull would like to thank all our valued customers and future business clients for supporting us all these years and the years to come. We wish all customers a prosperous year in 2014 and years down the road.